Automotive exterior
High Gloss B Pillar

Our Solution

The high gloss B pillar is obtained through a 2K hot runner system developed by Oerlikon HRSflow. The hot runner solution enables the perfect appearance of the component thanks to a gentle, low-stress injection. During first phase a 2 drops conical valve gate hydraulic system combined with ICM Technology are used to inject PMMA polymer, while for the second one (ABS material) a 6 drops system is developed. 

Oerlikon HRSflow system
Hot runner system: 2 + 6 drops system, Ga series, conical VG hydraulic cylinder
General information
Application field: Automotive exterior
Part name: High Gloss B Pillar
Part weight: 90 + 85 gr
Part thickness: 2,5 mm + 1,8 mm
Molding material: PMMA + ABS
Technology: Oerlikon HRSflow
Project partners: Tederic, Yuyao Skymold, Piovan and Technotrans Solutions GmbH, Oerlikon HRSflow