Why Oerlikon HRSflow
Why Oerlikon HRSflow

More than just a Hot Runner Supplier

Innovate to be competitive

Innovation is the key to competitiveness. Over the years, we have developed advanced hot runner solutions that set new standards for the plastics industry enabling our customers to differentiate themselves in the market and be successful. Thanks to our high-quality products and our proven expertise, we aim to ensure the best efficiency and the reliability of the injection molding process for the most complex applications.


Driven by the new challenges

Several traits have kept us at the forefront of the industry: skilled hands, innovative minds and an innate desire to face new challenges.

All our daily activities point at an ambitious goal: being the worldwide leader in the quality of service and products, pre and after sales and technological innovations. We call this goal our “QSP1: Quality, Service & Productivity Challenge Project”. 


4 reasons to choose us


We are technology pioneers. The world evolves, the market changes and we never stop innovating. Our wide-ranging competence in the injection molding process and our continuous investments in the R&D Department, make us the ideal technological partner for the production of highly critical applications with special attention to process efficiency. Fail Safe, HPgate and FLEXflow system are just some of our breakthrough patented technologies which have changed the injection molding world.


Only with the help of everyone can we achieve the most challenging company goals. That's why each member of the team plays a central role in our daily activity. Diversity of ideas, continuous improvement, responsibility and motivation are the main drivers of innovation and are at the center of all our company processes.



Global with a local approach: our widespread presence allows us to achieve the best lead time. Thanks to our global structure with 3 production plants and more than 50 sales/service centers worldwide, we can support customers with 24/7 technical service. Our global design, production and quality procedures - identical wherever they are in the world - match perfectly with localized service in order to meet the needs of each country.


Excellent performance if you want to achieve new and ambitious goals, passion will get you there. Thanks to our expertise in the injection molding process and passion for our work, we can provide advanced hot runner solutions able to improve your operating efficiency, optimize the finish and dimensional requirements of the parts, reduce cycle times and prevent wasting resources.