Automotive exterior
2 K Rear Panel

Our Solution

For the production of the smart 2K rear panel  - composed by a PC+ABS frame overmolded with PMMA or alternative PC -  a special hot runner solution from Oerlikon HRSflow is used.

During the first injection phase a hydraulic 2 drops system from Oerlikon HRSflow is used while for the second one a Single nozzle from Ga Series is employed. The part is finally decorated with a capacitive and aesthetic film directly in the mold for an innovative result. To implement such complex requirements, exact rheological analysis calculations were necessary. 

Oerlikon HRSflow system
Hot runner system: 2 drops, Ma series (1st phase), Single nozzle Ga series (2nd phase), Conical Valve gate
General information
Application field: Automotive exterior
Part name: 2 K Rear Panel
Part weight: 256 (1st phase) + 957 (2nd phase) gr
Part thickness: 3 (1st phase) and 3,5 (2nd phase) mm
Molding material: PC + ABS and PMMA
Technology: Oerlikon HRSflow
Project partners: ENGEL, Schöfer, LEONHARD KURZ, Röhm, Oerlikon HRSflow