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Advanced human-machine interface makes control easier and more flexible
Oerlikon HRSflow has thoroughly revised the software for the control unit of its FLEXflow hot runner systems. The updated Human Machine Interface (HMI) 4.0 now makes operation even more intuitive and convenient.
HRScool Evo: Non-cooled hydraulic cylinder now for extended process window
With HRScool Evo, Oerlikon HRSflow presents a further development of the HRScool hydraulic cylinder system for hot runner injection moulding, which, thanks to its sophisticated temperature management, does not require active liquid cooling of the actuation unit. 
New MSR: the Innovative Mechanical Stroke Regulator
Oerlikon HRSflow has developed a Mechanical Stroke Regulator (MSR) for hydraulic driven valve gate systems that makes it easy to individually preset the opening positions of the pins in hot runner systems. Via a graduate scale adjusting screw the user specifies the individual oil volume, which the valve gate system then uses to bring the needles into the intended positions. 
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