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HRSflow's New Generation Building
Entirely designed according to the lean manufacturing criteria, the new workspace completes the project with which the company has brought a reappraisal and a re-design for the hot runners' assembly process. The goal is to guarantee an increase in the production capacity and more flexibility for the clients of the European market.
Pressure Sensors and Servo Driven Valve Gate Systems
Several elements could affect the injection process, from the issues related to the Injection Molding Machine to the molding material, but how to detect them? Thanks to the combination of the right technologies, defects on the molded parts can be prevented ensuring higher quality output in less time.
How to improve the quality of a curved chainsaw handle?
The Stihl Inc. manufacturing plant in Virginia Beach, Va., was experiencing cosmetic issues with the injection molding of a curved chainsaw handle. How did the Company solve the problem? It switched from a pneumatic valve gate to FLEXflow Evo: our servo driven valve gate system.
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