Our history
Our history is the result of the work carried out by the Oerlikon HRSflow team. People who every day, with passion and professionalism, build new paths and successes for our Company. The desire to face new challenges is what has always distinguished us. The courage to change is part of our DNA. It is our point of departure every day in building the future. Start your journey through our history!

Oerlikon HRSFlow


Maurizio Bazzo established the Company, focusing on rotational multicolor and multicomponent molds for automotive lighting lenses.
A.S. (Special Equipment), acknowledged company in the hot runner field with an experience of more than 20 years.
HRSflow hot runner system division is established to design and fabricate hot runner systems for injection moulding. A.S.'s many years of experience in hot runners and our experience in lighting moulds enable us to offer a line of hot runners to cover all the needs of the automotive industry. The company immediately started going global.
The company registers a patent for Fail Safe, a system using dual heating elements and dual thermocouples on arm-mounted injectors, thus revolutionising the hot runner market.
INglass, initially the trade name of the Plastic Glazing division for the production of large area polycarbonate moulds, becomes the company name thanks to the high market profile of this technology. In the same year, the company presented a series of control units able to monitor the entire moulding process.
The factory at Hangzhou, China, near to Shanghai, is inaugurated. The new production site has a total area of 12,200 square metres, of which 9,600 are devoted to production. The China factory makes and designs hot runner systems for the Asian market, employing the model, technologies and quality standards of the Italian HQ.
We introduce FLEXflow: the patented electrically driven valve gate system designed for the independent adjustment of each valve pin with precise control of stroke and force during opening and closing phases. The ideal solution for automotive applications requiring a class A finish.
In the first half of 2015 the company completed the construction of its third production plant in Michigan (USA), in order to serve the North and South American Market. The American plant designs and manufactures hot runner systems employing the same quality standards as Italy HQ ensuring a uniform quality all over the world.
The Company introduces FLEXflow One technology: the new servo driven valve gate system where an additional control unit is not required during the injection process. It is as easy to use as the hydraulic/pneumatic system but with the advanced features of the electrical solution.
The Company introduces the new FLEXflow Evo Family: the range of products that includes our electrically driven valve gate systems, FLEXflow Evo and FLEXflow One Evo. The innovative and smart way to get Class “A” surface finish. HRSflow is already working on future developments of this innovative technology, so the Family will expand within a short time.
The Company launches the new quality-enhancing, cost-saving valve gate technology for high-quality parts without flash. Suitable for direct injection on PMMA surfaces, as well as for fiber reinforced polymers, it improves gate quality and it simplifies the machining operations for the mold makers. The fit of the nozzle into the cavity is determined by a separate insert, which is easy to change and the tolerances are determined by HRSflow.
The Company introduces the innovative solution for hot runner injection molding, in which the otherwise necessary water cooling of the corresponding actuator can be dispensed with. Main benefits include: thermal insulation optimization, easy maintenance, compact solution, optimal thermal uniformity.
Oerlikon, a leading provider of surface engineering, polymer processing and additive manufacturing, acquired us and our innovative hot runner systems technology in 2021 – from now on we are operating under the market-leading brand Oerlikon HRSflow.