Social Responsibility
Sustainability for Life

Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Like people everywhere, you’re trying to find your path to environmental responsibility. At Oerlikon, our approach to sustainable innovation creates technological inventions that enable industries and their customers — people like you — to do more with less.


At Oerlikon HRSflow, we aim to create:


All our strategies, technologies, equipment and production respect and safeguard the environment.

Our processes do not have a high environmental impact as we do not use products with high chemical risk. The raw materials used are mainly steel, copper, water and energy.

All our daily activities comply with environmental legislation, due to the awareness that environmental safeguarding is a fundamental duty for companies acting in a world with limited resouces, that must be respected and properly used.

Explore the page for an in-depth look at our goals and concrete strategies: Sustainability 2024 (



Guided by a global vision, with the "One Team" project, we have shared strategies and objectives at all company levels and in all geographical areas, while maintaining a local management of resources in order to best meet the needs of our customers in the area. 

We firmly oppose any form of discrimination and we apply the same criteria when striving to select the best employees in every country where we operate. Training plays a key role in the company. We dedicate many hours of training every year both to new employees and seasoned staff. 

The company aims to achieve maximum safety in the workplace by applying all possible precautions and increasing awareness through training on safety. 

In addition, we are contributing to the social organization called “I Bambini delle Fate”. Since 2005, this association has been engaged in social communication and fundraising to support ambitious projects focused on social involvement for children and youth with autism and other diversities.



Driven by transparency, every year we publicly share our Company Data and our decisions through our Sustainability Report.

Our ambitious strategy is confirmed: to establish ourselves as the worldwide leader and strengthen our position in a highly competitive sector, consolidating our economic and financial parameters.