Hot runner systems for multi-cavity molds

The Line for small applications and reduced pitch


The hot runner Line for small application by Oerlikon HRSflow is mainly suitable for engineering plastics and offers a compact solution for a reduced pitch. 
Depending on the application, the new series can be equipped with Tp, Sp and Sa nozzles from Oerlikon HRSflow. 

The TP and SP series are ideal solutions for multi-cavity applications (up to 30 g). Beyond injection moulded parts for engineering and electronics, they are also suitable for houseware and consumer goods as well as packaging applications. In the Thermal Gate version, the minimum nozzle spacing is 29 mm and 22 mm respectively.

Developed for processing techno-polymers applications, the Sa Nozzle Series is the ideal solution for technical applications with reduced weight and thickness. Suitable for small automotive parts such as: exterior emblems, small interior switches, sound system knobs or tiny components in air-conditioning systems.