Automotive exterior
Complete front grille

Customer's Expectations

The mold has been designed in order to exhibit the strong capabilities of a FLEXflow hot runner system in balancing multi-cavities tool with remarkable differences in terms of frames’ volume and flow length too.


Our Solution

Our FLEXflow solution let us reach a perfectly balanced filling for every cavity, simply managing the material flow in every noozle. The system is so flexible that the user can settle different opening quotes for every noozle in order to balance the multiple injection pressions required. Infact different opening quotes cause custimized pression loss and flow range in every noozle, with no need to settle a late opening for selected noozles, usually the cause of many injection defects on the part.  

The balancing solution was defined thanks to a moldflow simulation, in order to identify the appropriate FLEXflow settings. Infact every needle takes a different opening position during the injection, keeping it stable also in the holding phase. We've faced multiple discussions with the molding dept. in order to analyse the accuracy of the simulation, focusing mostly on the perfect positioning of the flow front during the filling. The final molded component produces according to the simulated set up perfectly overlaps the analysis results, proving an integrated approach and vision between simulation and moulding phases.

Oerlikon HRSflow system
The hot runner system is composed by a single manifold and No. 10 nozzles Ma series with conical valve gate. System layout is asymmetrical with all nozzles injecting on cold
runners. Each valve gate pin is activated by a FLEXflow actuator in its on plate configuration. In order to reduce the cut-out, M7 and M10 motors are located externally by means of an extension shaft placed between actuator and lever group.
General information
Application field: Automotive exterior
Part name: Complete front grille
Part size: 580 x 330 mm
Nominal weight: 297 g
Nominal thickness: 2 mm - 3 mm (external frame)
Material: ABS
Technology: FLEXflow