Automotive exterior
Front bumper

Customer's Expectations

Automotive exterior part, especially large parts as bumpers demand not only high aesthetical quality avoiding defects such as flow and pressure lines but there are also strict requirements in terms of local deformation and warpage restrain. In this particular case the focus was on the upper side area of the part, looking for the best result after painting without any flow line marks or local deformations affecting the gloss of the surface.


Our Solution

The progressive and smooth opening of the valve gate pins allowed to manage the flow into the cavity, controlling the flow front in order to avoid defects such as hesitation and pressure lines.
Proper closing profiles of the pins, individually calibrated, permitted to avoid overpacking on the gate area, as well as control of the pressure distribution during the holding phase.

Oerlikon HRSflow system
The hot runner system is composed by n. 12 nozzles Ga series with conical valve gating and through the cavity end-rings. Each nozzle is managed by FLEXflow.
General information
Application field: Automotive exterior
Part name: Front bumper
Nominal weight: 4480 g
Nominal thickness: 2.7 mm
Material: TPO
Technology: FLEXflow