Quick tooling change solutions for injection molding
Avoid the downtime for dismantling

Increase the efficiency of your molding operations


Quick tooling change is a key aspect to increase the efficiency of molding operations by avoiding unproductive downtime for dismantling. 

Would you like to shut off the cylinder cooling system at the same time as the hot runner system shutdown? It’s always been possible using the Oerlikon HRSflow standard cylinder without any additional device.

During the shutdown of the whole system (mold/hot runner), the cooling circuit of the Oerlikon HRSflow standard hydraulic cylinder can be shut off at the same time as the hot runner system because the cylinder is designed for an optimized thermal insulation of the sealing area to avoid any possible damage. Moreover, the cylinder design allows a lower heat dissipation and an optimal thermal insulation.

Temperature settings up to 60°C (140 F) for the mold, 280°C (536 F) for the hot runner. For higher temperatures it’s recommended to continue running the cooling cylinders until attaining the above mentioned temperatures.