Who we are

We are part of the worldwide company INglass Group and we designs and manufactures hot runner systems for a wide range of applications in the plastic injection molding industry.

Our main goal? Helping our customers produce complex and accurate plastics parts: from the most challenging automotive components to non-automotive applications requiring high design flexibility, fast color change and low weight.

Innovation is our drive. Team is our strength. Recognized as technological pioneers, we offer several patented cutting-edge innovations that cover the entire product range: from prewired hot runner systems, stack molds and hot halves to the most technically advanced technologies for managing engineering materials, color change applications and highly aesthetical components.

Future is now. In the Automotive industry four megatrends are disrupting the entire landscape: connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification and ride-sharing. HRSflow can strongly support this transformation with IMD, FIM and ICM solutions combined with our FLEXflow Evo Technology: the servo driven valve gate system that changed the injection molding world. 

We welcome the challenge of complex design requirements in the industries of Logistics & Environmental, Domestic Appliances, Technical Applications, Mobility, Houseware & Gardening. We are your reliable partner not only for the production of standard components but also for the most challenging needs such as: fast color change, high structural performance, lightweight applications, high process and product repeatability.

HRSflow: precision and reliability worldwide.

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We are firmly committed to continuous improvement and we are always looking for exciting challenges



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