Automotive interior

Customer's Expectations
  • Validate FLEXflow for soft-injection avoiding visible mark on textile.   
  • Balanced injection with MuCell® process
  • Part weight reduction  
  • Ability to process recycled material


Our Solution

Oerlikon HRSflow supported preliminary tool design, with special attention to system layout and gate quality, testing different injection strategies by mean of simulation in order to identify the best gating strategy and hot runner layout with a constraint of very limited space. The final solution achieved considers optimized drop locations on cold runner and compact tool layout. Process settings have been also defined in order to ensure the best balancing on the part within a large molding window.

Oerlikon HRSflow system

The hot runner system is a 2 drops Ma series, FLEXflow system, single level with conical gate of Ø3.0 mm.


Partnered with Alcantara Spa, Georg Kaufmann Formenbau AG (GK Tool), Krauss Maffei, Meusburger Georg Gmbh & Co KG.

General information
Application field: Automotive Interior
Molded part: A-pillar
Part size: 470 x 170 mm
Nominal weight: 170 g
Nominal thickness: 2.5 mm
Technology: FLEXflow
Material: Recycled ABS