FLEXflow electric
Simple, safe and clean

FLEXflow Family: the electrical future with benefits beyond your expectations


The future has arrived and it is electric. FLEXflow Family includes the electrically driven valve gate systems, FLEXflow and FLEXflow One, the innovative and smart way to get the best results.

How will you drive perfection?

The electrical technology is designed for the independent adjustment of each valve pin with precise control of stroke and force during opening and closing phases. This solution assures accurate, easy to operate, flexible control of pressures and flow rates at each individual gate during the injection process.


Main benefits


  • Quality improvements for: Class “A” surfaces, grained surfaces, chromed surfaces, and other cosmetic parts
  • Part warpage reduction
  • Optimal flow balancing
  • Wall thickness reduction


  • Clamping force optimization
  • Scrap reduction
  • High process repeatability
  • Mold deflection reduction = longer tool life
  • Successful family mold operation


  • Clean operation (no oil, no water)
  • Easy to use
  • Faster mold change
  • Integration between rheological simulation results and FLEXflow operating parameters
  • Reduced maintenance through elimination of seals, hoses, and hydraulic fluid