FLEXflow servo driven valve gate system

The electrical future you would never have expected


The electrical technology is designed for the independent adjustment of each valve pin with precise control of stroke and force during opening and closing phases. This solution assures accurate, easy to operate, flexible control of pressure and flow rate at each individual gate during the injection process.

FLEXflow is the servo-driven valve gate system equipped with an advanced Control Unit to set and monitor the valve pin position during the injection process. It assures accurate and flexible control of pressure and flow rate providing additional functions for 360° flow control and monitoring.


A Control Unit for 360° flow control

FLEXflow control unit is an advanced controller to set and monitor the valve pin position. Ability to read up to 6 pressure sensor signals (0 - 10 V). Controllers are available in 9 different configurations: from 4 to 24 Motors.