Logistics & environmental
Eco-friendly fruit box

Our Solution

The selected hot runner configuration is specifically designed to process APS PE compound with recycled TETRA PAK® carton package Alu Foil. The 4 drop FLEXflow servo-driven valve gate system, running on a Haitian Jupiter Series (JU4500III), ensures the production of a flawless part with the complete filling of all the ribs and walls and a high process repeatability. For an optimal gate vestige quality, Oerlikon HRSflow’s new patent pending TTC cooling bushing avoids pin’s sticking issues even with fast cycle times. 

Oerlikon HRSflow system

Hot runner system: FLEXflow 4 screwed – in drops, Ga series, Cylindrical Valve gate

Project partners: Haitian, Mundimold, Tetra Pak®, APS, Oerlikon HRSflow

General information
Application field: Logistics & Environmental
Part name: Eco-friendly fruit box
Nominal weight: 457 gr
Nominal thickness: 1,5 mm
Material: APS PE compound with recycled TETRA PAK® carton package Alu Foil
Technology: FLEXflow Technology
Partnered with: Haitian, Mundimold, Tetra Pak®, APS, Oerlikon HRSflow