Logistics & environmental
Big container

Customer's Expectations

> Reduction of the total part weight and material used
> Correct dimension of the part.
> High structural result. Need to move weld lines where will not create internal stress or weakpoints.
> Complete filling of all the ribs and walls.
> Reduction of the cycle time.
> Reduction of the colour change number of scraps.


Our Solution
  • Using the rheological simulation, the part design was updated for filling, pressure and warpage optimization
  • HDPE and PP used successfully
  • Cycle time reduced by -23%
  • Achieved the weight reduction target

The same base was used for the complete range of containers height.

Oerlikon HRSflow system

The hot runner system is composed by 8 drops conical valve gate Aa series hydraulic actuation. The injection was direct on the part for all the gates with through the cavity end ring.


Partnered with Mundimold, Plastimol.

General information:
Application field Logistics & Environmental
Part name: Container
Part size:  1200 x 1000 x 600 mm
Nominal weight: 30.800 g
Nominal thickness: 5 mm
Material: HDPE 
Technology: HRS line (compatible Inject)