Domestic appliances
Panel housing for washing machine

Customer's Expectations

> No aesthetical marks on the cosmetic area of the part.
> Reduction of the colour change number of shots.
> Replacement of existing system.
> Keep the drop location on the existing mould 
> Keep the drops number on the existing mould
The possibilities provided were:
> Possible update and small modification on the mould plate
> Possible modification of the cold runner profile


Our Solution

The solution selected (Gy series and valve gate type) was ideal for those parts with requirement of high structural resistance because it injects the expected quantity of material. 
The configuration selected considered the colour change requirement and the increment of the viscosity due to the metallic flakes.
Cold runner profile changed (increased the section area) to optimize the flow front.
A sequential filling approach was selected to move the flow marks in the non cosmetic area.

Oerlikon HRSflow system
The hot runner system was composed by 6 drops conical valve gate Gy series pneumatic actuation.
The gate diameter was 5 mm with conical tip and through the cavity end ring.
General information
Application field Domestin Appliances
Part name: Panel Housing
Part size:  611 x 573 x 191 mm
Nominal weight: 1.700 g 
Nominal thickness Average 2.5 mm
Material: ABS (with Metallic flakes)
Technology: Inject