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Optimized hot runner systems for PCR compounds
For the production of the fruit crates, Mundimold processes an optimized PE compound from APS, Valencia/Spain, which is obtained from the recycling of Tetra Pak® card-board packaging.
Advanced Hot runner solutions increase flexibility and sustainability in injection moulding
At K 2022, Oerlikon HRSflow will focus on an extensive range of hot runners tailored to small shot weights and the new Xp nozzle series for use in thin-wall injection moulding. Both support the trend towards greater sustainability by helping to reduce energy consumption in plastics processing.
Advanced human-machine interface makes control easier and more flexible
Oerlikon HRSflow has thoroughly revised the software for the control unit of its FLEXflow hot runner systems. The updated Human Machine Interface (HMI) 4.0 now makes operation even more intuitive and convenient.
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