Leidenschaft für Heißkanaltechnik
Kompetenz in jeder Branche
FLEXflow Evodie e-volution ist schon da
Exzellenzfür Ihre anspruchsvollen Automobilanwendungen
HRSflow führender Heißkanallieferant für die Automobilindustrie!
Wir bedanken uns bei unseren Kunden für die Unterstützung, "No. 1 Heißkanallieferant in der Automobilindustrie weltweit" zu werden!
Technology alliance for automotive interior designs of the future
Leonhard Kurz creates futuristic touch surfaces with expert partners. The FLEXflow Evo servo driven valve gate system was employed for the injection molding process. This allows gentle, low-stress injection and enables the perfect appearance of the IMD design.
We listen to the context, we listen to you
Always engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge technological solutions, HRSflow has been selected among the top 10 Italian manufacturing companies in China. The growth of the company has been fed with a wise combination of local talents empowerment and Italian expertise making today HRSflow the market leader of hot runners in the automotive plastic industry.
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