HRSflow's New Generation Building
A new, cutting-edge workplace to better serve the European market.


The construction of the new HRSflow site is now drawing to an end with an area of approximately 3,000 sqm: a significant expansion for the San Polo headquarters (Italy). Entirely designed according to the lean manufacturing criteria, the new workspace completes the project with which the company has brought a reappraisal and a re-design for the hot runners' assembly process. The goal is to guarantee an increase in the production capacity and more flexibility for the clients of the European market.

In association with the consulting firm Festo Consulting, the internal business team dedicated to continuous improvement has reassessed the whole production process and division layout: this way they were able to deliver the application of the new assembly line. With a cutting-edge design the new working environment has been organized down to the smallest detail, to reduce where possible the slowdown of the production flow (delays, transfers, organizational issues) both for people and for goods.

Being geographically close to its customers has always been a key factor for HRSflow, hence the choice to invest in Europe to reduce the logistic chain and delivery time for systems and spare parts. All this was possible thanks to a high automation level and an effective data exchange. Thanks to faster and more optimal corporate flows every request can therefore be processed in a fast and effective way to maximize performance and service levels.

The new production site has been designed according to the concept of a sustainable environment, a perfect combination of industrial requirements, quality standards and wellbeing of employees in their daily job. The energy panels used for the roof are actually compensating the needs of the entire production line.

HRSflow Chief Operating Officer Umberto Santin states, "We have started the lean management path in 2017 with a significant increase in the quality and performance key measurables, whilst the productivity expressed in man-hours has improved from 20% to 50% according to the different areas. The involvement of all the personnel proved to be a key factor in improving performance and the workplace in a continuous and structured way. A warm thank you to our whole team, to their efforts and work; we are ready for the new future challenges".

Cycle time reduction, high throughput, new systems for Quality Assurance and digital development: all these have become key concepts for the company production line. Thanks to its strategy and persistence, HRSflow declares once again its ability to evolve and renovate in an international, ever-changing context.