How to improve the quality of a curved chainsaw handle?
Problem solved.
Thanks to FLEXflow Evo the precise control over the whole molding process is ensured.


The Stihl Inc. manufacturing plant in Virginia Beach, Va., was experiencing cosmetic issues with the injection molding of a curved chainsaw handle. How did the Company solve the problem? It switched from a pneumatic valve gate to FLEXflow Evo: our servo driven valve gate system. Thanks to the precise control over the molding process, the cosmetic issues have been solved and scrap rates and maintenance downtime have been reduced significantly.

Robert Harvey - HRSflow Sales director North America - stated: “Once customers get a chance to feel and experience the repeatability, visibility, control and clean operation, they want this.

Thank you to Plastics Machinery Magazine for their feature about applying FLEXflow Evo to improve quality and yield of the injection molded parts.

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