Houseware & consumer goods
Food Container

Customer's Expectations
  • High quality gate
  • Correct part filling
  • Natural cavities balancing
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Durability of the nozzle tips


Our Solution
  • Thanks to internal rheological software the hot runner system was naturally balanced
  • Dedicated tip for high production volume
  • Reduction of the cycle time reached thanks to a specific cooling insert
  • High quality of the gate appereance
Oerlikon HRSflow system
The systems are designed to run milion of cycles, therefore all the components are conceived for high durability. In addition, our internal SLM department has developed specific cooling bushings.
General information
Application field Houseware
Part name: Food Container
Nominal weight: 10 g
Nominal thickness 0.50 mm
Material: PP
Technology: Oerlikon HRSflow