Autonomous and electric vehicles
Smart cover

Customer's Expectations

Perfect foil aestethics without any damage from injection.


Our Solution

In order to match customer’s requirement Oerlikon HRSflow proposed to use well-proved FLEXflow One technology with direct injection on foil. The solution allows to have direct injection on foil with excellent control of local pressure avoiding any damage in gate area and large flexibility in process managing.

Oerlikon HRSflow system

The solution adopted by Oerlikon HRSflow is a 2 points Ma series FLEXflow One system, single level with conical gate Ø3.0 mm. 


Partnered with GK Tool, Kurz, Wittmann Battenfeld.

General information
Application field: Autonomous vehicles
Part name: Smart cover
Part size: 230 x 250 mm
Nominal weight: 190 gr
Nominal  thickness: 3.0 mm 
Material: PC/ABS
Technology: FLEXflow One