Fail Safe

Spare parts included: Double heaters and thermocouples

Fail Safe is a patented technology that utilizes double the number of heater elements and thermocouples with respect to the norm on the hot runner manifolds and nozzles.

The use of double heater elements, which together reach and hold temperatures in the assigned zones, virtually eliminates the probability of simultaneous faults on the two elements. On the Fail Safe system, each of the heaters, by power and geometrical distribution, can independently reach and hold the set temperature in the corresponding zone. This thus multiplies the average lifetime of each heater used, as they are used at a power factor proportionally well below the nominal value.


  • No machine downtime - more than pays off the initial mould downtime;
  • The system is already equipped with Fail Safe redundant parts, thus no need for extra parts;
  • In the event of offset time settings, enables comparison and correct readings avoiding rejects and interruptions.