Diamond Lux line

Diamond Lux Line for components that require high aesthetic quality
Lux nozzle: reduced pocket size in the gate area

A new line of hot runners specially developed for front lights in PC requiring an excellent aesthetic finish.

The new Diamond Lux line pays special attention to the thermal optimisation of the hot runner.
All mold contacts are manufactured from materials with low heat conductivity and geometrically optimised to minimise thermal rating dissipation.
Temperature and thermal control of the nozzle are optimised thanks to the use of brass coil heaters.
These technical improvements guarantee a constant temperature throughout the entire system, with a tolerance of +/- 10 °C. The nozzle is fully protected by stainless steel casing.


  • +/- 10 °C guaranteed throughout the entire system.
  • Optimal thermal control.
  • Optimal injection point quality.
  • Energy saving.