Production process

HRSflow employs cutting-edge technology and equipment. We have invested heavily in robots and automated lines which run 24/7, to ensure a more precise, reliable and stable production process. The customisable nature of our processes means that our production is highly flexible, while maintaining excellent efficiency and the capability to make standard components to the most rigorous tolerances

Our production performance is the same around the world, since our factories in Italy and in Hangzhou-China and in Grand Rapids-Michigan, boast identical equipment and are controlled by centralised logic.
Our processes, design, production and quality are identical, wherever they are located.

In recent times the company has adopted a Lean Production approach to constantly improve flows, reduce wastage and implement consolidated methods for deciding what is really important in terms of efficient and effective results. The production process and the design of the product are managed globally to minimise the complexity of production by improving each step and the resources employed for any objective other than value creation for our clients.