New I-shield HRS to redefine Hot Runner Insulation
Unleash Efficiency, Conserve Energy: New I-shield HRS to redefine Hot Runner Insulation


Oerlikon HRSflow presents its latest innovation, the I-Shield HRS Insulating Cover, meant to further optimize the sustainable approach in hot runner systems. Engineered with a focus on reducing heat dissipation, this solution aims to significantly lower energy consumption while enhancing the efficiency during the production at moulding plant. 

One of the most important advantage lies in time and energy savings during the warm-up phase. While transitioning from room temperature to the desired set temperature, precious resources are preserved thanks to I-Shield HRS cover, ensuring a prompter production start. 
Furthermore, the insulating cover reduces the energy consumption required to keep the hot runner at set temperatures, contributing to overall energy efficiency. Finally, it reduces the thermal interaction with the surrounding environment, isolating the tool regulation from any heat developed by the hot runner. 

The I-Shield HRS Insulating Cover has recently been utilized on a 7 Valve Gated drop system, injecting 1340 grams of Polypropylene on a 4mm cross section. The power consumption achieved thanks to the I-Shield HRS was 26% lower compared to the same configuration without insulation. In particular, the I-Shield HRS was applied onto the FLEXflow HRS, which highlights its versatility on multiple molding scenarios. 


Interesting Features of the I-Shield HRS insulating cover: 

  • The new I-Shield Insulating Cover is easily applicable to any new hot runner system upon customer request or as a retrofit option for existing systems (subject to evaluation for each specific application). 
  • Replaceable directly at the End User plant, ensuring ease of maintenance and flexibility. 
  • The cover has been manufactured with particular care to the environmental impact and sourced from recycled materials. 
  • Exceptional durability, capable of withstanding high-temperature environments for extended periods without deterioration, even in the face of accidental impacts. 


Advancing Sustainability: 

The I-Shield HRS Insulating Cover stands as a testament to Oerlikon HRSflow's commitment to sustainability. By significantly reducing energy consumption at the End User plant, not only it contributes to cost savings but also promotes a greener manufacturing ecosystem. Furthermore, its compatibility with recycled materials underscores its role in fostering environmental responsibility within the industry. 

For more information on how the I-Shield HRS Insulating Cover can transform your hot runner systems, please contact Oerlikon HRSflow.