HRSflow at K Show 2019
Live Molding Demos and new solutions to improve the process


HRSflow at K2019 - Booth D05, Hall01 from October 16th to October 23rd.

Exciting molding demos and valuable Partnerships at the heart of this edition for HRSflow

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag booth in Hall 15, Stand D22, the injection molding of an interactive dashboard which completely redesign vehicle interior. The part is a clear example of how FLEXflow can manage PC back injection on IMD film preventing typical aesthetical defects of the application. The process includes also overmolding of capacitive sensors on back side to obtain a complete part after ejection. Technical features: overmolding with direct injection on IMD foil on A-surface and capacitive foil on B side, HMI, back-injection, sensoring, touch control. Partnered with Kurz, Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann.

ENGEL booth in Hall 15, stand C58, the injection of a complex PMMA lightguide produced with a 5 point-gating FLEXflow. The result: ultra-clean optical grade, which allow for longer and more complex LEDs structures. The application demonstrates how the electrically driven technology can manage complex family tools even for applications requiring high optical features. The project was developed in cooperation with INglass as mold maker, Volvo Cars, DBM, Uddeholm, Cumsa, Kistler, Arkema. In addition to these application a ruler from 100% recycled ABS, using HRSflow hot runner, highlights the ability to maintain consistent shot weight which is one of the main issue to address when using recycled plastics. The hot runner system also contributes by keeping constant part quality ensuring good gate quality even in the case of materials with variable properties as typically happen in recycled polymer.

Wittmann Battenfeld booth in Hall 15, stand C06, the injection molding of a demonstrator cover integrating backlight functions and capacitive sensor. The PC-ABS part produced with a FLEXflow One hot runner system, is an example of back-injection on new Kurz VarioForm film and includes a 3D shaped capacitive sensor. Technical features: IML, back-injection, sensoring, gesture control. The mold has been produced by GK Tool.

Krauss Maffei booth in Hall 15, stand C24, the production of an A-Pillar interior component, back-injected on Alcantara through a FLEXflow One 2 drops system. The project was conceived in cooperation with other partners such as GK Tool, Alcantara Spa and Meusburger Georg Gmbh & Co. KG.

Yizumi booth in Hall 13, stand D80. Visitors will experience the production of an automotive engine cover realized with FLEXflow One system: the electrically driven valve gate technology where an additional control unit is not required during the injection process. The engine cover made of reinforced polymer with PUR overmolding for a scratch resistant surface by Frimo. The part is a lightweight under the hood application conceived by GK Concept (Germany) expertise . 

Arburg in Hall 13 stand A13 PCR material (post-consumer recyclate) derived from household waste will be used to produce a handle for the safety door of ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines. An electric two-component ALLROUNDER 630 A produces the handle from PCR and TPE by using the ProFoam foaming process. Both foamed halves of the handle are mounted in the mould and then partially overmoulded with the soft component. The hot runner system, two drops valve gate, has been designed by HRSflow in order to ensure to perfect balancing of the two different cavities. A second system is used to inject the TPE component. A further project partner was Weber.

.. and new hot runner solutions to improve the injection molding process

At K2019 we've also showcased a family mold for production of high quality upper and lower bumper in one shot and our recently extended portfolio of particularly compact and small cylinders which require very limited installation space. New is a series of pneumatic cylinders which can be easily installed without removing the hot runner from the mold plate.

The SA Series, our smallest series of screwed-in hot runner nozzles for very low shot weights, with a very compact cut-out and the HRScool, the innovative solution for hot runner injection molding, that allows to completely eliminate water cooling for the most common automotive applications will be also showcased.