Automotive lighting
Front lens

Customer's Expectations

The main aim of this application is the demonstrate the possibility to successfully mold a very thin lens made in PC by using multiple gate system.


Our Solution

The solution selected by Oerlikon HRSflow consists on FLEXflow technology. Thanks to the ability to manage independently local flow rate and cavity pressure at each gate location it has been possible to apply sequential filling avoiding any kind of hesitation effects, typical of thin wall applications, reaching a high optical quality of the plastic surface.

At the same time it has been possible to optimize the profile of pins movement in order to reduce the local cavity pressure in specific areas with the aim of controlling the overall mold deflection and ensure a very good tolerance matching on final dimension of molded component.

Oerlikon HRSflow system
The hot runner system layout adopted consists of 5 drops conical valve gate Ga series with external end ring and FLEXflow actuators.
General information
Application field: Automotive lighting
Part name: Front lens
Part size: 887 x 120 mm
Nominal weight: 350 g
Nominal thickness: 1.8 mm
Material: PC
Technology: FLEXflow