06.05.2024 - 10.05.2024
Oerlikon HRSflow at NPE 2024

Oerlikon HRSflow at NPE 2024: elevating the Injection Molding Industry with Breakthrough Hot Runner Technologies


Oerlikon HRSflow is excited to announce its participation in NPE 2024, happening from May 6-10 in Orlando, FL, at the Orange County Convention Center. Located in South Hall at Stand S25183, Oerlikon HRSflow will demonstrate its leadership in hot runner technology, showcasing versatile applications across various sectors.

Focusing on the American market, the company will highlight innovations in thin-walled packaging, environmental and logistics solutions, medical technology, and applications for the beverage and home sectors. A special emphasis will be on biopolymers and compostable materials, aligning with sustainable practices.


MULTIflow: The multi-cavity line for low shot weights
The multi-cavity line for low shot weights, recently named MULTIflow HRS, is suitable for packaging, caps and closure as well as medical applications, manufactured with engineering polymers for technical components. Some of the main benefits include fast cycle time, high production volume, processing of PCR compounds and biopolymers, quick colour change and an excellent finish of the molded parts. As an example of this new line, we will showcase a hot runner system, 16 drops, thermal gate Vp, along with captivating applications for small plastic parts from 2 to 60 gr.

Oerlikon HRSflow will show other dedicated solutions such as the Vf nozzle series, designed for fast cycle times (2.2 to 3.5 seconds) and maximum process reliability. Specifically developed for HDPE caps and closures, these nozzles support part weights from 0.5g to 8g, ensuring consistent quality, rapid color changes, and system restarts. With optimized gate control and separate replaceability for quick maintenance, they offer efficient performance.


Innovative Stack mold for enhanced Thin-walled Packaging Injection Moulding
Tailored for thin-wall packaging applications, our X series valve gate nozzles withstand high filling pressures with precision, ensuring rapid injection and cycle times for uniform part weight. The Xp line offers a single-face option, while our latest patent-pending solution, the Xd line, meets evolving industry needs for stack systems. Oerlikon HRSflow's new stack mold system aligns with circular economy requirements. Its innovative, easy-to-assemble design minimizes downtime and allows flexible use across various applications, even in smaller injection molding machines; for this reason, it can be included in plug-and-play solutions. The system, perfect for high filling pressures, is equipped with nozzles of the new Xd series, engineered for thin wall packaging applications and mounted on a 220 mm hot half plate.

A new addition to the company’s test lab, the hybrid ENGEL e-Speed 280 machine, is tailored for processing R-PET and other sustainable materials, meeting the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).


Oerlikon HRSflow commitment to a greener future
Oerlikon HRSflow is deeply committed to sustainability, not just as a concept, but as a practical approach integrated throughout the supply chain. A core objective of the company is to engineer hot runner systems optimized for eco-friendly applications. Our systems are conceived to process at the best both bio-based and PCR compounds, without affecting the cosmetic and functional result of the part. These materials often present difficulties due to their high temperature and shear sensitivity, which can lead to material degradation. Achieving short cycle times and maintaining good gate quality without compromising the integrity of these sustainable polymers are among the challenges Oerlikon HRSflow strives to overcome.

Oerlikon HRSflow's dedication to sustainability is evidenced through selected applications developed in collaboration with clients. One of our most recent systems for processing sustainable resins, which operates successfully in South America, is a 48-drop machine equipped with TP series nozzles and cylindrical valve gates, designed for the production of biodegradable spoons.


FLEXFlow HRS System for Environmental & Logistics PCR applications: Fruit Box

The FLEXflow HRS servo driven system stands out for its specialized application in processing post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, underscoring Oerlikon HRSflow’s dedication to sustainability and circular economy principles. A notable application of this technology is the production of fruit crates utilizing an optimized PE composite resin derived from recycled Tetra Pak packaging. This project exemplifies a collaborative effort to address the challenges associated with PCR materials, showcasing the system’s capability to achieve high-quality injection points and overall product quality.

The patented TTC cooling bushing plays a crucial role in this process, ensuring efficient cooling and preventing valve sticking issues, thereby enabling rapid cycle times without compromising the quality of the final product. The collaboration with industry partners highlights Oerlikon HRSflow’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, offering practical solutions that contribute to environmental conservation while meeting the logistical needs of the market.


Hot Runner Systems with Optimized Design for Sustainable Houseware Applications in R-PET: R-Box

Partnering with Pezzutti Group, Oerlikon HRSflow has successfully tackled the challenges of using recycled PET (R-PET) for the production of sustainable houseware, specifically the R-Box. This project not only demonstrates the potential of R-PET as a sustainable material but also highlights the technical capabilities of Oerlikon HRSflow’s hot runner systems to overcome the inherent difficulties of processing recycled materials.

The collaboration led to the creation of a family of stackable containers with lids, showcasing the ability to manage materials of different sizes and weights simultaneously. The servo-driven FLEXflow HRS technology was instrumental in achieving an optimal balance in the molded parts, ensuring high-quality surface finishes, and addressing the smoky coloration typically associated with R-PET, thanks to specialized cooling bushings.

Through these case studies, Oerlikon HRSflow demonstrates its leadership in advancing the injection molding industry, offering solutions that combine technical innovation with a commitment to environmental sustainability.


Trendsetting for automotive applications: FLEXflow HRS

FLEXflow HRS technology, with its servo-driven valve gate system, showcases versatility in automotive applications, demonstrating the capability for precise adjustment in cascading injection processes. Examples include smart automotive surfaces and efficient production of car door panels, highlighting Oerlikon HRSflow’s role in advancing injection molding techniques.

An example of this, presented at NPE, is a smart 2K rear panel consisting of a PC+ABS frame that is overmoulded with PMMA or alternatively PC. A hydraulic 2-drop system from Oerlikon HRSflow is used in the first injection phase, and a single nozzle from the Ga series in the second phase. Finally, the part is decorated with a capacitive and aesthetic film directly in the mould. The realisation of these complex requirements demanded exact rheological calculations. Oerlikon HRSflow's project partners were Schöfer, LEONHARD KURZ and Röhm.

Oerlikon HRSflow remains at the forefront of the injection molding industry, continually investing in sustainable approaches and innovative technologies. By combining cutting-edge solutions with environmental stewardship, Oerlikon HRSflow is setting new standards for efficiency, sustainability, and quality in the global market.


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