14.03.2023 - 18.03.2023
Oerlikon HRSflow at Intermold

KINTEX Hall #3 - M473

From March 14th to 18th, at Intermold 2023, we will be demonstrating the challenging application of our FLEXflow servo-electric driven valve gate technology based on examples of complex, high-quality parts. Available at the booth, our advanced solutions for lighting applications and our hot runner line for low shot weights.

In cooperation with our sister brands Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco

The innovative FLEXflow Technology

Discover our servo driven valve gate system and its most promising application trends, like family molds or film back-injection.

On display at the booth, some automotive challenging parts such as:

  • an automotive grille measuring 580 mm x 330 mm with a total parts weight of 297 g and different wall thickness, from 2 mm to 3 mm. The part is subsequently chrome-plated. With the customized opening of the valves, the dreaded pressure loss that occurs with conventional cascade injection molding methods is avoided, and, with it, the accompanying marks on the molded part. Moreover controlled position of pin during packing stage allow to reach independent pressure control on each gate and thus desired shrinkage for each cavity, speeding-up matching of tolerance requirement and avoiding expensive modification of tools.
  • a high-quality grained interior trim demonstration part, realized with the In Mold Graining technology coupled with the back injection of PP in MuCell foaming process through FLEXflow technology and DecoJect foils.

Our advanced solutions for transparent surfaces

Suitable for large and thin parts, our hot runner solutions for lighting applications ensure a significant weight reduction, the absence of welding lines and a natural filling balance. Come and discover our dedicated hot runner line for aesthetic PC components

The hot runner line for low shot weights

We offer a complete multi-cavity line designed for demanding parts with small shot weights requiring tight nozzle pitch solutions. The systems include nozzles with small dimensions in all designs, from thermal gate to valve gate, as well as the associated manifolds and actuation mechanisms. For multi-cavity applications, a multi-valve plate (MVP) provides perfectly synchronized control of the injection channel across all cavities for high part-to-part weight consistency.

Main benefits include:

  • optimal colur change performance
  • high process and product repeatability
  • short cycle times
  • easy system restart
  • processing of biopolymers and PCR compounds
  • maximum design flexibility

The low shot weight system line covers market segments such as medical technology, thin-walled packaging, beverages, and home goods, e.g. caps produced in multi-cavity moulds, as well as beauty and personal care and technical applications.