23.04.2024 - 26.04.2024
Oerlikon HRSflow at Chinaplas 2024

Innovative Hot Runner Solutions with Oerlikon HRSflow at Chinaplas 2024 

Oerlikon HRSflow is glad to announce its participation in Chinaplas 2024, taking place in Shanghai from April 23rd to April 26th, Hall 5.2 booth F71. 


MULTIflow: The multi-cavity line for low shot weights  
The multi-cavity line for low shot weights, recently named MULTIflow HRS, is suitable for packaging, caps and closure as well as medical applications, manufactured with engineering polymers for technical components. Some of the main benefits include fast cycle time, high production volume, processing of PCR compounds and biopolymers, quick colour change and an excellent finish of the molded parts. As an example of this new line, we will showcase a hot runner system Tp series with 16 drops, PGY end ring, along with captivating applications for small plastic parts from 05. To 20 gr.  

Oerlikon HRSflow will show the Vf nozzle series, designed for fast cycle times (2.2 to 3.5 seconds) and maximum process reliability. Specifically developed for HDPE caps and closures, these nozzles support part weights from 0.5g to 8g, ensuring consistent quality, rapid color changes, and system restarts. With optimized gate control and separate replaceability for quick maintenance, they offer efficient performance. 


The new X Nozzle Series for thin-walled packaging 
Tailored for thin-wall packaging applications, our X series valve gate nozzles withstand high filling pressures with precision, ensuring rapid injection and cycle times for uniform part weight. The Xp line offers a single-face option, while our latest patent-pending solution, the Xd line, meets evolving industry needs for stack systems. Oerlikon HRSflow's new stack mold system aligns with circular economy requirements. Its innovative, easy-to-assemble design minimizes downtime and allows flexible use across various applications, even in smaller injection molding machines; for this reason, it can be included in plug-and-play solutions. The system, perfect for high filling pressures, is equipped with nozzles of the new Xd series, engineered for thin wall packaging applications and mounted on a 220 mm hot half plate. 


Oerlikon HRSflow aims to develop hot runner systems for sustainable applications, enhancing efficiency in injection molding. Challenges include preserving bio-based and biodegradable polymers' integrity in high temperature and shear conditions, ensuring short cycle times and good gate quality. Designing hot runner systems for recycled compounds involves preventing damage from melt impurities and eliminating streaking or flow marks that could affect cosmetic and functional molding results. These principles are illustrated through collaborative applications realized by Oerlikon HRSflow in partnership with its customers. 
The 3-component coffee-to-go cup project exemplifies the houseware industry's commitment to environmental stewardship through sustainable materials and innovative molding technologies. Collaboration with partners Wittmann Battenfeld, Haidlmair, Borealis, and Oerlikon HRSflow highlights collective efforts for a more eco-friendly future. Production involves a rotational mold with three separate injection units optimized for 100% recyclable PP. The cup, with a 2mm thickness, is produced in clear optic and over-molded with an insulated shell. 


Systems from Oerlikon HRSflow in action 
Systems from Oerlikon HRSflow can be experienced live on the exhibition stands of ENGEL (Hall 5.1, Booth C42, PMMA lightguide realized with FLEXflow HRS technology in a family mold), YZUMI (Thickwall lens with 6 layers).