23.11.2021 - 25.11.2021
Oerlikon HRSflow at Mecspe 2021

From November 23 to 25, visit us at Booth E65, Hall 36


From November 23 to 25, visit us at Mecspe 2021: the reference fair for the manufacturing industry that will be held at Bologna Fiere Exhibition Center in Italy!

You are welcome to visit us at Angelini SLP Booth (Hall 36, Stand E65) to discover the latest news from Oerlikon HRSflow world.

The new S Series for small applications

Come and see the new S series for reduced pitch. The main field of application of this new hot runner line is the production of small-format technical components.

Depending on the application, the new S-series can be equipped with Sa, Tp and Sp nozzles from Oerlikon HRSflow. The Sa series is a screwed-in hot runner system, while the Tp and Sp series are face-to-face products with different inner bore sizes. 

Designed for injection moulding of technical and electronic components, the Sa Series offers a compact solution for the production of automotive parts such as:

  • exterior emblems
  • small interior switches
  • sound system knobs
  • tiny components in air-conditioning systems.

At the other end of the scale, the TP and SP series are ideal solutions for multi-cavity applications (up to 30 g), low shot weights and thin-walled components. The minimum nozzle spacing is 29 mm and 22 mm respectively.

TP and SP Series are suitable for:

  • Engineering and electronics applications
  • Houseware and consumer goods
  • Packaging applications

In the valve gate version, the S-series is combined with either a compact cylinder 62 mm high or, in the version with adjustable needle position, with a 70 mm high cylinder. Extensive internal laboratory tests have ensured an optimal sealing and thermal profile along the whole nozzle. In addition, a special channel geometry enables fast colour changes.

The new HRScool Evo.

Learn more about HRScool Evo: the further development of the HRScool hydraulic cylinder system for hot runner injection moulding, which, thanks to its sophisticated temperature management, does not require active liquid cooling of the actuation unit. Thanks to a further reduction in the heat flow between the hot runner and actuator, HRScool Evo version can now be used at higher mould temperatures than its predecessor system HRScool, which was presented in 2019.

MSR Technology

Available at Angelini SLP booth, the Mechanical Stroke Regulator (MSR) for hydraulic driven valve gate systems that makes it easy to individually preset the opening positions of the pins in hot runner systems. Via a graduate scale adjusting screw the user specifies the individual oil volume, which the valve gate system then uses to bring the needles into the intended positions. In this way, the pressure drop for each nozzle can be set independently, and the pressure distribution during the packaging phase can be controlled.