04.10.2022 - 07.10.2022
Join us at MSV 2022

Hall G1, Booth 019

At MSV 2022, Oerlikon HRSflow will present at Booth 019, Hall G1 some challenging applications of its FLEXflow hot runner technology together with recent developments targeted to improve the injection molding process. These include examples for perfectly balanced family tools with extremely different part volumes, new futuristic touch surfaces and challenging lighting applications. Moreover, on display at the booth the multi-cavity line for small shot weights.

Trendsetting for automotive applications

A trend in automotive interiors are interactive panels controlled by touch sensors, whose elements and information only become visible when there is activity. For their production in the IMD process (In-Mold-Decoration), the FLEXflow hot runner technology from Oerlikon HRSflow with its servo-electric needle positioning is increasingly proving to be the tool of choice, because it enables precisely controlled, gentle and low-warpage overmoulding of the sensitive electronic components with high-quality surfaces at the same time. Available at the booth, the futuristic HMI (Human Machine Interface) concept panel produced in cooperation with LEONHARD KURZ and other project partners.

Moreover, the cost- and energy-efficient applicability of FLEXflow for perfectly balanced family molds, even with extremely different part volumes, ensures additional acceptance in this industry. The servo-driven valve technology helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the injection molding process. This starts with the lower energy consumption of the electric system compared to the hydraulic system and includes the ability to use smaller injection molding machines and family molds, reduce wall thicknesses and reduce scrap thanks to better process repeatability.

Oerlikon HRSflow has recently made the operating software for controlling the FLEXflow hot runner systems even more intuitive and convenient. With the thoroughly revised Human Machine Interface (HMI) 4.0, systems with different nozzle types can be integrated and several parameter sets can be stored per mould. Extended possibilities exist for the individual control of the respective servo motors for nozzle needle positioning and for monitoring process stability. In addition, specific user accounts for individual access authorisations can now be set up and managed. Thanks to the web connection, access to the control unit is possible regardless of location.

On display at the booth some challenging lighting applications. Oerlikon HRSflow hot runner systems for the market of rear and head lamps are characterized by firm design rules and are suitable for high pressure applications. Oerlikon HRSflow customized hot runner solutions for Lighting minimize the risks of flashes, leakage or material degradation ensuring an excellent temperature control. 

Reduced dimensions for low shot weights

Hot runner specialist Oerlikon HRSflow has expanded its portfolio to include components for injection molding of demanding parts with small shot weights in stable and reliable processes. The manufacturer now offers complete systems for this market segment, which require tight nozzle pitch solutions. These include nozzles with small dimensions in all designs, from thermal gate to valve gate, as well as the associated manifolds and actuation mechanisms. For multi-cavity applications, a multi-valve plate (MVP) provides perfectly synchronized control of the injection channel across all cavities for high part-to-part weight consistency. Oerlikon HRSflow systems offer optimal colour change performance and easy system restart, reducing waste and increasing efficiency and sustainability.

With unique solutions, the new low shot weight system line covers market segments such as medical technology, thin-walled packaging, beverages, and home goods, e.g. caps produced in multi-cavity moulds, as well as beauty and personal care and technical applications. The latest version of the system is highly reliable for processing even biopolymers and PCR compounds. A version with a specially coated nozzle tip is available for processing highly corrosive polymers including flame retardant compounds. For demanding applications, Oerlikon HRSflow uses its in-house additive manufacturing process SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology to produce cooling circuits for all market segments. Thanks to the joint experience with sister brand Oerlikon Balzers, Oerlikon HRSflow also offers innovative surface protection for all moulded part surfaces to increase their corrosion resistance.