Service 24/7

For all your support needs, contact your service centre of reference:

    24/7 Service Hotline
    Ph. +39 0422 750 555
  • German speaking hotline: Ph. +49 69 668159666


  • ASIA
    Customer service 24/7 for Asian Countries
    Ph. +86 18858181211


To help us process your request faster, please quote your system number in your request

A prompt response is guaranteed by our web-based service platform which:

  • manages the entire service log of each system throughout its life cycle
  • guarantees integration of all service centres at our local branch offices.


Our services cover:

  • Installation
  • Optimisation of processes by means of support during try-out
  • Client training in maintenance and process tuning
  • Programmed maintenance schedule
  • System updates
  • Complete spare parts strategy to satisfy all our clients' needs



HRSflow also offers custom packages of spare parts to ensure you have the most commonly used components available on site. These solutions consist of:

  • Spare parts kits supplied with every system
  • Optimised stocks of spare parts based on your systems and main components
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