We constantly dedicate time and resources to finding innovative solutions, products and technologies.
Our prototypes are tested with a wide range of plastic materials and subjected to simulations and trials to determine their behaviour during the process: we study their thermal profiles to ensure the most flexible moulding result, as well as running mechanical and fluid dynamic tests.

Our R&D department includes process experts who, supported by thermal, fluid dynamic, hydraulic and rheological simulations, propose the best moulding solutions for the component in question and the quality of finish to be achieved.
All hot runner systems are delivered with their thermal analysis to ensure optimal process control in practice.

We provide all-around support to the clients, from initial feasibility studies to the try-out phase with our injection molding machine, both at the S. Polo di Piave (Italy HQ) plant and at the Hangzhou (China plant) one. Thanks to our integration of the theoretical and experimental aspects, we are able to offer our clients a tried and tested product. The main R&D centre is located at the Italian HQ, with another team working in Hangzhou, China. This enables us to bring the best product to the market, regardless of location.

Our excellent knowledge at HRSflow allowed us to collaborate with major Research Institutes and the main international manufacturers of polymers.