Hot Halves

Hot Halves 12 injection points, PP-EPDM molding material

In the case of a hot-half, the nozzle system is supplied pre-wired and pre-installed in half of the mold, ready to be mounted in the customer mold.

A HRSflow hot-half is generally supplied together with a screwed-in nozzle system to guarantee optimal uniform heat distribution and avoid any risk of material leakage.
A hot-half is completely wired electrically and comes supplied with the pneumatic and hydraulic system pre-installed.
The HRSflow hot-half can be simply and quickly mounted in the customer mold.


  • Compact solution; hot-half thickness can be reduced significantly thanks to the use of specially designed side cylinders that reduce injection system height.
  • Swift installation and maintenance.
  • Robust structure of the hot-half helps reduce molding warpage.