Reply to the news spread by Synventive Molding Solution Inc.
With reference to the article, published on April 3, 2019, we would like to point out as follows.

April 5, 2019

With reference to the article, published on April 3, 2019 on certain on-line trade magazines, concerning the alleged infringement by INglass S.p.A. and our subsidiary HRSflow GmbH of Synventive Molding Solution Inc’s patent rights, we would like to point out as follows.

First of all, and contrary to what is reported in the mentioned article, we have not even received any lawsuit against our company related to any patent issues, neither before the Regional Court of Mannheim in Germany nor before any other Court, nor we have received any other communication from Synventive Molding Solution Inc. Therefore, we are not in the position to evaluate which are the reasons for this initiative. 

In any case, research and innovation, as well as the meticulous attention to patents in the industry, are essential elements that have always characterized the history of INglass S.p.A.

It is a fact that our company has never been condemned for third parties’ patent infringement. On the contrary, we have very often been forced to take initiatives to defend ourselves against third-party infringers, and every time we did this we involved only our competitors, without ever making customers bear the consequences of our initiatives. Indeed, the protection of our customers has ever represented the founding  principle of the history of the INglass S.p.A. group.

Our products are developed and manufactured on the ground of our proprietary patented technologies. With specific reference to our Flex Flow technology, more than 110 patents and patent applications, spread over many countries in the world, support this fact. Thus we can reasonably exclude any conflicts with rights of other competitors, first and foremost Synventive Molding Solution Inc.

For this reason we are committed to support whoever makes use of an INglass S.p.A. product and we confirm that we have already taken all the proper actions to protect also the interests of our clients.


Maurizio Bazzo
President INglass S.p.A.


Update May 8, 2019: In the interim, we have received the lawsuit mentioned hereinabove. We have instructed lawyers and patent attorneys, in order to ensure that this legal dispute has no negative consequences for our customers.