SP and TP Series
The dedicated line for multicavity applications


The solution for high production volume and fast cycle

Developed for Oerlikon HRSflow face-to-face hot runner systems, the patent pending TP and the SP series are the ideal solution for multicavity applications (up to 30 gr). Designed for technical, electronics, medical, houseware and consumer goods and packaging applications, in the Thermal Gate version, the TP and SP Series have reduced nozzle pitch of 29 mm and 22 mm respectively.

Available for thermal gate or valve gate configuration. In the valve gate version, the S-series is combined with either a compact cylinder 62 mm high or, in the version with adjustable needle position, with a 70 mm high cylinder.

Extensive internal laboratory tests have ensured an optimal sealing and thermal profile along the whole nozzle. In addition, a special channel geometry enables fast colour changes. Available with metallic o-ring for extra nozzle-manifold sealing.