High Performing Gate

HPgate ensures optimal gate quality enhancing the tool life time


HPgate (or High Performing Gate) is the innovative solution suitable for direct injection on PMMA surfaces - as well as for fiber reinforced polymers and technical materials - to optimize gate quality and avoid flashes.

Moreover, it simplifies the machining operations of the seat of the mold in the gate area allowing a high gate quality during the whole lifetime of the mold.

In order to obtain high quality parts characterized by an improved gate quality, HPgate technology integrates the conical and cylindrical solution, overcoming the limits of both configurations.

Easy replaceable and made of a hard steel, the insert is screwed into the threaded seat machined into the mold. The angle between surface normal and nozzle axis is max 5°. Gate diameter could be 2.0 – 2.5 – 3.0 mm.