WIT - Water Injection Tooling

Collaboration with PME fluidtec
KARRO Wheelbarrow
Teklas pipe- winner of the SPE award
Lawn-mower (Source: Viking)

HRSflow, in collaboration with PME fluidtec, provides special hot runner systems designed for using WIT – water injection tooling technology. The water injection process is used above all in cases where special channels cannot be produced either by conventional blowing or injection moulding processes - with plugs and inserts.

This technology enables the production of a wide range of hollow parts with complex geometry, such as: engine cooling pipes, tubes for engine oil dipsticks - representing a highly valid alternative to components in aluminium, steel and extruded parts. In general, heavy gauge large size parts.


  • Reduced cycle time;
  • Extremely smooth cavity surface;
  • Production of complex geometries;
  • Improved quality of moulded parts;
  • Reduced and uniform thickness of walls;
  • Savings of materials used and reduction in weight;
  • Process control and high repeatability;
  • Possibility of producing components with lengths up to 2 m.