Plastic Glazing - Injection Compression

Injection compression mold
2k backlite from Exatec

INglass – HRSflow is a leading manufacturer of large sized transparent surfaces in multi-injection polycarbonate such as panoramic roofing and transparent panelling. This innovative technology is protected by numerous international patents and made its world début at the K Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, in 2004.

Injection compression differs from traditional moulding in the injection phase, which is performed with an open mould; this is then followed by closure of the half-moulds and the compression phase. Thanks to reduced stress of polymers, this technique is used to produce thin parts with high surface quality, such as in the case of optical applications, glazing for the automotive sector, electronic and lighting systems. The injection compression technology - low pressure moulding -  obtains components virtually free of internal stress, a requirement needed to ensure resistance to atmospheric agents and effective application of the anti-abrasion coating.


  • Design flexibility;
  • Possibility of integration with accessory elements;
  • Reduction of post-process phase;
  • Possibility of customization;
  • Reduction in weight > 40%;
  • Less fuel consumption.