FLEXflow - Servo-Driven valve gate system

FLEXflow - Servo-Driven valve gate system
FLEXflow on plate
Accurate control for pin position, acceleration, velocity and stroke
FLEXflow Control Unit

The New FLEXflow is a Servo-Driven valve gate that assures accurate, easy and flexible control of pressures and flow rates during the whole injection process. It is a step forward in the sequential injection molding thanks to its high flexibility in adjusting the process parameters. The new Servo-Driven valve gate is designed to independently control each valve pin by precisely adjusting stroke and force.


  • Surface quality improvements: Class “A” large surfaces, grained surfaces, aesthetical parts
  • High process repeatability
  • Dry, clean and safe (no oil, no liquids)
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Optimal flow balancing
  • Warpage reduction
  • Clamping force reduction up to 20%
  • Part weight reduction up to 5%

FLEXflow control unit is an advanced controller to set and monitor the valve pin position. Ability to read up to 6 pressure sensor signals (0 - 10 v). Controllers are available in 9 different configurations: from 4 to 24 drives.