FLEXflow One: The Servo Driven Valve Gate System Without Control Unit

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ESI - External Smart Interface
The servo driven FLEXflow One needle valve systems for hot runner nozzles have a simple driver module that replaces an otherwise necessary control unit. In its current design, this module comes with a default setting that fully opens/closes the needle. Using an External Smart Interface (ESI) that is connected for this purpose, needle stroke and force can be individually set for specific applications, including multiple steps if required. 
Up to 24 valve pins per system can be individually programed using this ESI. Once these parameters have been saved in the driver module, the system is ready to produce high-quality molded parts consistently without a control unit. 
As an additional safety factor over hydraulically driven systems, a maximum torque is set for the servomotor at the time of manufacture. When this value is reached, the electronics shut down to prevent damage to the hot runner system and mold and thus long, costly production downtime.
Beyond, all FLEXflow One systems are connected with a Safety Interface Box (SIB) which communicates with the injection molding machine's controller to ensure safe working conditions.
Without the need for oil and water, FLEXflow One also provides a cleaner working environment and is thus also suitable for use in clean-room conditions.
  • No additional control unit required during the production phase
  • High quality part performance
  • Clamp force reduction
  • Wider process window
  • Reliability and repeatability of the process
  • Same connection from the IMM for the sequential control as for traditional Hydraulic/pneumatic hot runners
  • Multiple open/close step setting
  • No water, no oil, no cooling
  • Warp reduction
  • Optimal flow balancing
  • Wall thickness reduction
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Compact solution