T-Tech - Thermoregulation

Thermoregulation control unit

High performance control unit for the complete hot runner system management. .


  • From 12 to 192 zones.
  • 7” LCD with centralized logic.
  • Multilingual Interface.
  • 15A power boards.
  • High efficiency PID with real-time self-tuning.
  • Full hot runner diagnostic capability.
  • 4 fully configurable soft-start settings.
  • Automatic switch to manual mode in event of TC failure.
  • Rewiring function (a heater can be piloted with any system TC.
  • Zone grouping.
  • Full alarm management.
  • Complete I/O supply for molding machine interface.
  • 15” Optional touch-screen PC for advanced features.


  • Especially suitable for multi-cavity systems: packaging.
  • Allocation of zone slaving to increase max power output up to 6 KW.
  • Evolved diagnostic functions.