HRSflow China Team Building: Teamwork enhances the company


Workplace collaboration is the key to a successful business. In harmony with HRSflow company vision, on May 11-12 HRSflow China employees had a 2-day team building event, “Teamwork enhances the company”, in the Zhejiang Province. The initiative was conceived not only to bring people closer together but also to contribute to a more successful and creative workplace.

Also, employees’ families were invited to take part in this activity to have fun together, socialize and get to know each other better.

On the first day, the team travelled to Qiandao Lake, which is famous for having more than 1000 islets in various sizes. People climbed mountains and boated on the lake taking the occasion to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax away from work.

Special games were arranged for the second day. After dancing as an ice breaker, the team worked together and made amazing HRSflow Nazca Lines.

People are the heart of every company. That’s why we are continuing to invest in team building activities which allow employees from different areas to get to know each other and foster a friendly work environment.

Work as a team, and have fun together, this is what you’ll find at HRSflow.