Sicak Yolluk

The hot runners developed for high product volumes and fast cycle time applications are a collaboration of high technology developed using state-of-the-art analysis software and materials.

The use of special steels gives the multicavity hot runner systems high performance in terms of system life and resistance to corrosion. The choice of bore channels and the optimised profile of the heaters enable the processing of technical resins without the problem of polymer degradation. The choice of channel layout arises from long-standing experience in the field and ongoing testing with prestigious universities in the sector.


  • The materials used guarantee optimal resistance to thermal fatigue and wear if using abrasive fillers;
  • Optimised bore channel sizing  - with no build-up zones – allows for rapid colour change;
  • The optimal thermal profile of the hot runner guarantees rapid start-ups, with fewer production rejects;
  • Possibility of replacing tubular heaters on site, without the need for special equipment:
  • Possibility of using shaped end bushings and plugs, to eliminate build-up zones.