MTF - Multitech Fast

MTF nozzle for fast cycle applications

The MTF - Multitech Fast range is designed for applications requiring rapid cycle times - of less than 8 seconds, without having to compromise on quality of the moulded article.

The tip seat geometry has been designed for optimal cleaning of the cavity between the seat and tip during the injection phase, and to drastically reduce the material build-up zones.
This innovative solution for the tip has been perfected by advanced FEM simulation, which enabled optimised thermal distribution in the gate zone and reduced wear of the cavity surface even in the case of high production output without the need for maintenance. This nozzle is suitable for materials such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS


  • Rapid cycle times
  • Increased resistance to wear
  • Rapid colour change
  • Optimised thermal profile
  • the integral solution leads to increased reliability of sealing between the cavity and channel.