Face to Face Sistemler

System 72 cavities, HDPE molding material

Face to face system, supported by suitable thrust bearings

System designed to withstand maximum injection pressures of 1800 bar (melt) and to process loaded and none loaded materials. The use of special and sintered steels enables use of the face to face system also with highly technical and aesthetic materials, such as: PC, PMMA, PET, etc…
The manifold and nozzle heaters, developed by the R&D dept., ensure optimal thermal stability, also in the use of significantly long nozzles.
Special attention was also given to the study of thermal bridges between the hot runner and the Hot Half plates.
The special geometry of the contrast components, as well as limiting energy consumption, gives the system flexibility in compensating for any processing gaps, protecting the system against possible leakages between the nozzle base and hot runner.


  • The materials used guarantee optimal resistance to thermal fatigue and wear if using abrasive fillers
  • Optimised bore channel sizing - with no build-up zones - mean rapid colour change
  • The optimal thermal profile of the hot runner guarantees rapid start-ups, with fewer production rejects.
  • Possibility of replacing tubular heaters on site, without the need for special equipment
  • Possibility of using shaped end bushings and plugs, to eliminate build-up zones.