HRSflow commits to resolve any faults due to defects in design, materials or fabrication. This covers only such faults as may arise during the warranty period, which runs for 24 months from the time of delivery (12 months for SLM conformal cooling inserts and INject Line).

HRSflow's liability extends solely to defects occurring under the operating conditions specified in the contract and during proper use. In particular, it does not extend to defects arising from normal wear and tear, from improper installation, maintenance or repair, nor to defects due to modifications that have not been authorised in writing by HRSflow. It is expressly agreed that the Client may not make claim for any injury or damage other than those specified in the contract, nor for loss of profit.

The warranty is void should the Client make repairs or modifications to the system or its components without prior authorisation in writing from HRSflow.